Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Theme A Day eJournal Entry 29

23) Look around the room. Choose one thing you see and write about it.

The colour blue. We rent our home. We move a lot and basically have to take the homes as they come. I was really pleased to discover that my home office would be th eblue room. It has blue walls and blue curtians.

From a young age I decided that blue was my favourite colour. It helped my family out because my cousin Hayley and I celebrated our birthdays together (up until I was 12 and she was 11). We always got the same presents and depending on what it was hers was always pink and mine blue.

For a while navy blue was my favourite shade but now I like all shades of blue.

When I think back as to why blue was my favourite color a number of things popped into my head - I just didn't like pink and blue was considered to its opposite. Right from an early age I sensed the males had power, so by taking on the colour blue I would have power. That might sound a bit weird but I was "Tom boy".
Now I find the colour blue calming, serene, comforting and yes powerful.
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