Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Theme A Day e-Journal Entry 2

Theme A Day e-Journal Entry 1: Write an introduction

2) Make a list of 10 things you need to do this week.


1. Get guest room ready
2. Washing & Ironing
3. Cleaning
4. Exercise
5. Food & craft shopping
6. Preparing for Children's Sabbath for 15 May 2010.
7. Planning for Saturday's picnic
8. Contacting people regarding the Women's emphasis Day on 12 June 2010.
9. Completing and rating Swaps
10. Knitting squares for overthrow.

11. helping Jeandre prepare for big multiplication and spelling test on Friday
12. Listening to Jeandre practice guitar for 15min.
13. Returning Library books and choosing new ones.
14. Picking up prescription from the chemist
15. Loading up more photos on Facebook

If I am not careful I will be making a list of 100 things LOL. if I break it down it, no, no Let me not get carried away .......

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