Friday, April 30, 2010

Theme A Day Journal - Introduction

I have decided that I need to start writing again. My blog for the past year has included very little writing. Its mainly consisted of photos and memes and here and there I have share a few thoughts.

One reason is I realised a lot of people from the area I moved to checked out my blog to get know me. I became paralyzed with fear of the impression I would make and how it would affect my husband's ministry.
Then I wondered if potential employers would come across my blog and how would they perceive it and me.
Sound silly. I don't know - its hard to admit i was paranoid (not something I ever thought I would be). I decided to rather play it safe than sorry.

Now i figure people know me a bit more and they know my husband and if misinterpret or misjudge us - well that is there problem.
A few years ago I decided i would not have an anonymous blog. One of my inner most fears is being misunderstood but how can people ever understand me if I don't share me but an image I think I need to project?

There is another reason I have decided to do a Theme A Day Journal.
I have never seen myself as a natural or good writer but I have always wanted to write a book. The literature that i have read says that you just need to write - its a discipline and you should consider doing it for 15min. a day.

So now I can do a swap, practicing writing and maybe share interesting stuff on my blog again besides photos (don't worry I will still share photos and do some memes).

Theme A Journal Swap
starts officially on the 4 May if you would like to join.
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