Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freedom Day

I was wondering how I can share in todays celebrations so far from home. I discovered this song - I have never heard it before - if I have I can't remember it.
Its amazing how I still have so much to learn about my Country that I lived in for 32 years of my life.
My commitment this Freedom day is to continue opening myself up to the Other to embrace South Africa's past as we build on its present and future.
I might not be physically in my Country at the moment but I can still make a positive impact.
One of those is that I hope that overseas citizens will vote in the next election - we won the court case but it was too close to the election and therefore not enforced.
I got a taste of what my mother and others felt like to be disenfranchised.
So today is bitter sweet. The struggle is not over.

Weeping, The South African Anti-Apartheid Protest Song

icture: gillstrawberry.co.za

I'm Dan Heymann, and I wrote the words and music of "Weeping" during the mid-1980's when I was an unwilling soldier, drafted into the army of South Africa's white-supremacist regime.

The first recording of "Weeping" to be played on the radio
(the 1987 version by South African band Bright Blue)
included a refrain from the anthem of the African National Congress.

Today that tune (Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika) is South Africa's National Anthem,
but at the time, it was under a "ban" by the Apartheid government.


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