Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your Life in Pictures

Went walking on Sunday afternoon at Whitehead- 1.75miles (2.8km).

Now onto today - Wednesday

The wonderful life of a stay at home mom. Never thought that would happen to me but here I am. Its not so bad but I really find it difficult to keep motivated and keep focuses. The same spot you cleared yesterday needs clearing tomorrow.
If it were not for reading, chats to friends, occasional outings, Internet (swap-bot, Facebook, blogging, Skype etc.) I wouldn't manage it at all.
I am really enjoying reading but have to watch that I don't get so absorbed that I neglect the house.
I must admit though sometimes it does not look like I am a stay at home mom - I get carried away with church projects, help my husband and friends with stuff - good excuse for not cleaning.
But next week I am expecting visitors to saty over - so no more excuses and the places I have been ignoring have to get done.

Normally have coffee round 9:30-10:00 after dropping my daughter off at school.

Did a lot of ironing and when I had a break I continued with my knitting project - an overthrow for my 2-seater couch.

Listen to an audio book from the Libray while cleaning up.

Empty ironing basket ready to go down.

This a swap requirements listed HERE.
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