Friday, May 14, 2010

Theme A Day e-Journal Entry 4

4) Write about your hobbies. Feel free to include a sample or a photo

I thought it would be interesting to look up the definition what a hobby is. Its quite a common word that everyone takes for granted that they understand what it means. Then sometimes wonder about.

I discovered that there is a type of bird called a Hobby or Hobbies: Any of several small falcons of the genus Falco, formerly used for catching small birds or game.

Now back to this journal entry : Hobbies - activities or interests pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.

Would you consider following certain TV series a hobby? This seems debatable.

My hobbies in no order of preference or importance:

at the moment I have been reading a lot of crime novels and for the first time I am actually taking note of the authors and getting my hands on everything they have written that is in the Library.
I am also reading through two books because they were chosen by the Bible study/Prayer groups I attend.
Went through a stage of reading self-help books and romance novels - guess that may come around again.

recent projects i have completed include two needle slippers, baby slippers and bellydance practice belt. I am coming close to completing my overthrow - I think of it a my Christmas knitted quilt. Prefer to do simple patterns that I can do while watching TV, movies, talking, driving in a car or listening to an audio book.

Guess there is no need to explain that LOL because this is a swap. I have recently switched to doing more electronic swaps because I am unemployed and cannot afford postage. That has also lend to asking why I do the swaps i do. I used to do quite a few postcard swaps but I am not really collecting postcards from all over the world so I had to ask myself - what is the point?
I am learning more about myself and other people and that is at the heart of why I enjoy swapping. An added bonus is learning new skills and trying out stuff at least once, like knitting a Bellydance Belt, learning to make pompoms, trying a recipe I received, improving my photography

I laugh when I think back to when I asked why do people take so much photos of scenery, aren't people more interesting. I would want more photos of me and the people I am on holiday with. LOL now I am that person taking more photos of scenery than people. Why? I want to remember what I saw , I want to share with family and friends, I don't think I look so great in photos at the moment (that might change - I hope) and I have become fascinated with taking photos at different angles, with different lighting etc. I realized that I can use my own photos in powerpoint presentations and children's stories.

This is a hobby that I have had an on off relationship with. But I do enjoy walking along the Beach on the tarred section, indoor walking with Leslie Sansone and in forests. In the Larne area we have targetted a few places we want to walk and we are making great progress of doing just that. Generally walk 1-3 miles. My aim is get up to 4-10 miles. Its just my feet at the moment is not co-operating with my mind.
Last we did some geocaching to make walking more interesting my daughter but after few disappoints we have given this up.
Looking forward to doing a 3hr walking tour of Belfast next week.

Being a Tourist
Why don't I say travelling? Well as a teenager I realised that I did not have the money to travel, books helped but I also like the idea of being a tourist. So decided i would become a tourist in the town that i lived in. So I would go to the tourist junction and plan my tours. Its been a skill that i developed that is still paying off. I now live in Northern Ireland the local people keep asking how do I find out about the stuff that they have no idea about happening in their own areas.
Years later and I am still a budget tourist (sigh and then smile).
I have visited all nine provinces in South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi (drove through Mozambique), USA (5 states), France, Ireland, UK (England, Scotland and Northern Ireland).


I list under hobbies because besides communicating with friends and family, I do play a few games on it as well. I have cut back on them.

I am not as intense into blogging as I used to be. I do a few memes. A number of blogger friends I have, have taken breaks from their blogs (keep up with them on Facebook now), a few memes have stopped. I have lost interest in reading blogs since that has happened but do scan a few every now and again especially those that e-mail me updates. Its a hobby I have not given up, I am not sure what will happen next.

I go through phases of listening to music - i am not that i would define it as a hobby.
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