Sunday, May 23, 2010

High School

Denise is wearing the glasses and i have long curly hair with the black and white hair band.


  • What years were you in high school? 1987-1993

  • What kinda crowd did you hang out with?A small one that managed to manuver between the popular and not so popular kids. Pro-active about doing positive things like sports, environmental issues, Christian club and community service.

  • Who were your closest 5 friends?Adelaide, Claire, Denise, Miranda and Shannon. I never lost contact with Claire and Denise and I have just reconnected with Miranda through Facebook.

  • What subject did you love?History and Mathematics

  • What subject did you hate?Accountancy and Needlework - Thank goodness I could drop those as after two years at High School. Then I just did 6 subjects and Biology became my least liked subject. I managed to overcome my dislike for it in the last year of school and challenge myself to work on it - I ended up scoring my highest mark in Biology (A symbol).

  • What were your biggest worries? My parent's relationship

  • Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?Yes but I avoided dating anyone in my own school because there would just be too talk and interference. I did however have crushes on 3 guys in my school. By the time my High career was over i had kissed 2 of the 3 guys. I lost interest in the other one when I heard his voice- it just did not match his good looks. I dated one boy from class for one month - 3 weeks of that month was in the Winter Holidays. I broke up with him but continued to be friends. We are still friends on FB to this day.

  • What was your style?I tried to look nerdy at school, conservative at church and then transform when I went to parties/beach or swimming pool. Never wore name brand clothes for two reasons we could afford it and I was not interested.

  • What was your favorite food/drink?Beans Bunny, Macroni and Cheese - The bunny chow, a hollowed out half loaf of bread filled with curry, a typical Indian-South African dish

  • Did you have a job? Where?I worked for two summer holidays in Factory (Maloney and Co) that manufactured locally made beauty products. Mainly to get money to go to Camp. Could not work weekends because I kept the Sabbath. My mother got me the job. I didn't fill in any application forms or get an interview. I never contemplated leaving school early but working there even though it was interesting re-inforced that I wanted to get an education and do more.

  • Did you have good grades or barely pass?I got good grades. I loved school and loved achieving. I was always in the top of 3 out of 150 other learners.


  • Do you have a significant other?Yes. He is very different from the type of guys I dated in High School. Our school experiences were completely different except for the fact that he too was a High Achiever and always in the Top 2.

  • Do you have kids? Yes, we have one daughter. She loves school and I get the same feedback from teachers that my mom got of me.

  • What are your favorite foods/drink now?

  • Still macaroni and cheese - I love Beans Bunny but hardly ever get it because I no longer live in Durban. Coffee has become my favourite drink, something I hardly touched growing up but developed romantic ideas about.

  • Do you have a job? Where?Not at the moment, I am stay at home mom - surprise, surprise something I said I would never unless i was married to a rich and had a maid. Not married to a rich man and i don't have a maid. I am a qualified High school teacher and may go back to that profession as soon as i am registered to do so here in Northern Ireland.

  • What is your style now?mmmmm comfortable clothes, jeans, black trousers and tracksuits. Loose fitting tops.

  • What fads do look at and cringe?Bright neon colours of the 1980's and three quarter pants (trousers).

  • What are your biggest worries now? Balancing the family budget, using my time wisely.

  • Who are your top 5 friends now? Denise, my husband, Claudelle, Ruth and Claire.

  • What crowd do you hang out with now?People from our church circle - My husband is a minister.

  • What "subject" do you like now? (things you are REALLY interested in) Computer Application Technology (was not a subject I was at school but I have taught it). Mathematical Literacy. Local History of wherever I am living.

  • What is a "subject" you just do not get? Can't think of anything maybe meta-physics.


  • How do you think you will change in the next 10 years?Hopefully I will be fitter, look young, be very active in my community (I was in the past, now I am a visitor in the community I live only active in the church). Own my own home.

  • Do you think you will have a different job?Probably, i have been considering switching to Primary school teaching or only tutoring, or becoming a writer. Though I still view the possibility of writing as something I would as an extra not full-time.

  • Will you still be friends with the people you are with now? Definitely the friends I have mentioned live in other countries except my husband. We using letters, e-mail, Skype and FB to continue our friendship. I am not sure if I will ever physically see any of them again but all things going well we might get to spends a holiday or two together.

  • What are your goals for the next 10 years?Buy a house, Be fit, slim and healthy, travel more, look after my mom in her retirement. Guide my daughter through High School into whatever she chooses.

  • What do you think your biggest worries will be in 10 years?Probably still be money, my daughter dating, her education etc.

  • Do you think you will still be with your significant other in 10 years? YES - It will be 21 years then.

  • Will you have the same hobbies? Interests?I might pick up a few new ones along the way.

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