Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Theme a A Day E-Journal Entry 7

7) Electricity is a recent discovery. Think of 12 things you can do when there is no electricity available.

1. Read by candle light or lantern or battery operated light.
2. Play board games
3. Cook over the fire (barbeque etc..)
4. Send letters instead of e-mails
5. Crafting eg. card making or knitting, hand sewing
6. Have a moonlit picnic
7. Gardening
8. Keep food warm in the Wonder Box (remember it as a child but find any info on it - it was a wooden box with to blue cushions)
9. Keep thing cold in the Ice-house (originally invented in Persia were buildings used to store ice throughout the year, prior to the invention of the refrigerator.)
10. Use a fireplace for heating
11. Probably bath less or try to live near natural hot springs
12. Wash clothes by hand

But if its just temporary outage I would probably being using a lot of battery operated things like a radio, laptop, ice box.
Candle light and gas lamps for lighting.
Gas cooker for coffee and cooking.
Gas fire place if its cold.
Go to bed early.
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