Sunday, May 23, 2010

Theme a Day e-Journal Entry 10

List 5 things you have collected at any time in your life.

I am not really a collector.

1. I collect spoons of all the towns I visit and it to my mom. its been disappointing when I cannot find any souvenior spoons, seems their popularity is dying out in some places.

I have gotten her spoon from different towns in South Africa, USA, UK, France and Ireland.

2. I have collected coins with my daughter. We have done a few swaps but that did not last very long.

3. The year I Au-paired in the USA I collected pins for my Backpack.

4. I collected a few snoopy soft toys (represented different professions and went beyond the normaly 4 week promotion) from Mac Donald's when I was pregnant. I liked the idea that I was eating less by eating the Kiddies meal and got a soft toy for my child.

5. ........................................
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