Monday, September 17, 2007

Sinusitis or Ear infection?

I have had an ear infection in my life. Sinus on the other hand is another story. Chronic sore throat and post nasal drip is the story of my life. Some seasons and years are better than others.

Recently I have had increase problems with pressure and blockages in my ears - you that feeling you normally get when you change altitude. Also my hearing has gotten worse. I have been concerned for a few years that my hearing has been getting worse but never did anything about it. Now I think its time to see an ENT but my husband is insisting I see our GP first and get a referral. Guess that can't cause to much harm just more expenses.

All I know is that i feel off-balance. Dizzy, nausea, sore throat, stomach is a bit upset, cannot concentrate.

So I am off to the doctor in a little while.
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