Sunday, September 09, 2007


For the last two weeks I have been trying to figure out what I really want to create for my future. What do I want in my vision boards? I have been discussing it with my husband. We spent an evening collecting pictures off the internet. That went very slowly and in the end we did not have much. Now whenever an idea or thought comes to mind, I add it to my 'spider web'. I have a spider diagram for my husband and one for me.
I think part of the reason the process has been slow, is because we are too scared to dream big, to hope for more and then face disappointment.

Here are a few thing on my list:

1. Experience Europe
2. Write a book
3. Take a year off work.
4. Eco-adventure: Camping, hiking and photography
5. Learn knew skills.
6. Get a doctorate in Education/Educational Psychology.
7. Own a house.
8. Be healthy - fit, slim and active.
9. Take my daughter on fun, educational vacations.
10. Financially secure: debt free, comfortable and able to help others.
11. Spiritually, mentally, physically balanced and fulfilled.

Just to mention a few. Now I know I still need to be more specific and state them in positive language. As soon as it stops been fun and starts feeling like work - I take a break. So it might take a while to get vision board up. Journey of creation is important. There is no need to rush or to strive for perfection.
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