Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Decisions. Life is full of them. Every morning you wake up you make a decision on how you plan to face the day, on how you are going to face life. We are told that even our indecision or choice to not make a decision is a decision. So whether you are going to put your head in the sand like an ostrich or wish that the cocoon does not open or spread your wings and fly is all up to you.

A few weeks back decided to start dreaming again, to start looking at what I really wanted out of life. I made a mind-map, added some ideas in an excel file, looked for pictures on-line and even spent some time cutting pictures out of a magazine. I made one electronic vision board, which I posted. It is still incomplete. But I find myself in a position where I needed to make decisions that will affect my family, my career and myself. I have been swaying like a leaf in a strong wind. Somewhere in the Bible is a quote about "where there is no vision people will perish". Well at least I am not completely without vision - it is just not very clear.

So I am just going to hold onto another saying: All things work out in the end.

"Believe That It Will Work Out.

Trust is believing that it will work out before you see the evidence that it will. Sometimes you have to have faith first before you can see the rewards. This might involve doing things at first that you don't want to, or make you uncomfortable. But trust that you are on the right path, and things will work out in the end.

Trust is about being afraid and moving forward anyway. It's about not knowing how it will turn out, and going for it nevertheless. So, how about bringing some more trust into your life today? You will be surprised as to how much power and freedom it brings. And, isn't this a much better way to live?"

One of the Top 7 Tips To Trust That Things Will Work Out by Deborah Brown

I will be going for a hearing test.
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