Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Gran (Died Saturday, 29 Sept. 2007)

I was lucky enough to know and experience her pleasant side. When I au paired in the USA my granny and I corresponded every month. We got to know each other better. She was what I expected of a Granny. She loved me.

This poem summarises my grandmother.

My Grandma
by Pamela deLeon- Lewis
Friday, January 26, 2007
Even to me, as a child, my grandma was petite.
I remember how she baked me lots of tasty treats:
Home-made cakes, candies, and exotic drinks,
My precious grandma really loved me, I think.
I smile when I remember her,
A fiesty woman with lots of vim and vigor.
She worked hard and she did so everyday
In the still of the night I’d hear her pray.
She was always praying for someone else
I often wonder why she didn’t pray for herself.
God knows she needed lots of things.
I just knew one day I’d give her everything.
But fate stepped in and took her away from me
to that palace in the skies where she now lives happily.
And though I miss her presence every single day
I know that my grandma IDA is never far away.
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