Monday, September 03, 2007


This past weekend my husband and I had a talk about where I am it. What seems to be holding me back. It came down to one word: FEAR.

I was actually considering writing a post about a Pity Party - I have had a long day, with a headache and I just feel sorry for myself. Feel like pigging out, watching a movie and just not thinking for a while. I wondered if that is Okay. Will I feel revived and be able to pick myself up to being positive and getting on with work, exercise and being happy?

Then I opened my e-mail and I got this message from TUT's Adventurers Club :

There is no choice you've ever made, Simone, nor any you will ever make, that will limit you as much as you may fear.

Nor even limit you at all.

How cool is that?
The Universe

Supposedly there is a time and place for everything. Right now I need to work through feeling sorry for myself and then choose to put it aside and face my fears.
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