Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going Camping


Only cold water showers, flushing toilets and water taps are provided. No electricity

We have decided to skip the matric banquet and go camping instead.


I have been nominated to do CAT 3 (Computer Application Technology) course that will during our September school holidays from 8am to 9pm. Its an intensive course that I would otherwise do correspondence over 2 years. Its also being paid for by the government.

It is also of 8 year wedding anniversary on 24 September. We normally celebrate this by going camping.

Most camping places are booked out. So we are going up the West Coast to the same nature reserve but to a different camp site. This time we will be setting camp ourselves.

Hoping to see flowers, read books and relax. We might even see more whales. Taking a friend (Bobo) along for my daughter. Taking their fishing rods and bicycles.
Maybe this time we will be able to go up the light house.

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