Monday, March 12, 2007


Causes of Insonmnia

My insomnia is definitely stress related. Knowing that I have not completed a task or feeling unhappy with a situation or person.

My main problem is my inability to use my knowledge to solve my problems. The first step is to identify what is the problem.
Last night I had two - the first one was work related and I was able to solve that. The second was relationship related and I am still having a problem defining the problem. On the one hand I feel something but on the other hand I cannot substantiate why I feel like that. The logical answer then would be to say get over yourself Simone and move on. But what if I have not really analysed the my feelings completely............but then again I could be creating a problem that does not actually exist........or a problem does exist and if I stop using delay tactics I would be able to define it and solve it very easily without a lot of energy.

Now if I don't stop I will be late for work.
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