Friday, March 02, 2007

Claudelle's Party Creations

Finally the photographs I promised. Claudelle and I started brain storming and discussing our children's party since December. I am basically the driver, baker, assistant and now and then came up with ideas that enhanced the project. Claudelle was the creative one who came up with most of the ideas, designed and made the invites, party packs and decorated the cup cakes

The Spider webs did take us forever but in the end I think we did a great job. The parents and children enjoyed what we did.

The best thing of the whole experience was that we created what we wanted and it cost us a whole lot less.

I basically spent the same amount of money on the two parties I had for Jeandre this year which catered for 34 kids at school and 4 at home for the cost of her party we held at Spur last year for 8 children.
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