Thursday, March 29, 2007

Diet Journal swap Comment

I received this e-mail a few days ago.

Its great to feel appreciated. And its wonderful to feel that you have made a positive difference in someone's life.

Thank you Muhra, your note brightened up my day.

Dear Simone..
i loved your diery .. you put so much effort to it.. i started using it.. and am really encoraged to continue my diet.. thank you for sharing you photo as well its esier to remamber people with thier photos. i will send my photo in my next email..
Ive never been to shouth Africa.. who is it over thier.. i live in UAE have you ever been her like to Dubai because its a faouse city of Middle East .. i live in Abu Dhabi the capital city of UAE..
how is the diet going with you... am so happy because i lost 5 kilos since January.. and i would like to loos another 10 .. or hopfuly..
please keep in tuch
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