Friday, August 08, 2008

What a day!

You know when have one of those days and you have no-one to blame but yourself - ARGH.
That was yesterday for me.

It actually started the night before. I chatted myself out of sleep, then decided to read a book, I could put down. Before I knew it was 5am the following day.
A couple hours later my daughter was torturing, well that might be an exatgeration, she was trying to wake me up. Eventually she gave up and her dad got her ready for Summer Scheme. When I did get up I realised it was too late to make her lunch. So I semi-brushed her hair and gave her money for lunch. She left without her jacket or bag!

The just got worse, the printer would not work, my takkies (sneakers) fell apart in the washing machine etc. etc. A lot small things that just felt bigger because I had not slept.

Sadly we had to spend money to replace my sneakers, we are going walking this weekend. Could have bought a lot of other stuff for £50.00. On the bright side it was on special and feels comfortable. Also got a rain-coat on special,YAY!

Made sure I got early to bed!
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