Sunday, August 17, 2008

Northern Ireland flood adventure

Yesterday, we were driving home from Larne, totally unaware of the chaos waiting for us in Belfast. A trip that normally takes us an hour and twenty minutes took over 4 1/2 hrs. We were on the M1 and had turn around and try and find a way off the motorway and then through the streets of Belfast. Woman with kids in her car bumped us and just continued to drive on. We got her car number plate. Its not a bad bump ......

My daughter thought that this was all terribly exciting and disappointed that she could not go and swim in the water.

After a while we were hungry, all needed the toilet and my headache was becoming unbearable. We finally found a petrol station but alas it had no public toilets. We got sandwiches and headache tablets. I had to forgo any coffee for fear of not finding a toilet.

We managed to get on another part of the M1 and found a portable toilet along the road. It looked very precaurious. Weiers braved it first. By the time I was done, many people had stopped their cars to make a bealine for it.

Listening to the radio we heard about some homes that were flooded in banbridge and wondered if we were going to be able to get home. But we did and it was not raining anymore. It was almost hard to believe that it was flooding badly and we had just managed to escape the worst.
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