Monday, August 04, 2008

A Sunday in Belfast

We started our day at the Belfast Tourist information center at 11am (that is when it opens). In our browsing we discovered that there was a Spur. Unfortunately it had not address or telephone number so I had to stand in line to get information. The man behind counter had no idea but very helpfully looked them up on the internet and then called them. We found out that it was just one block down. Armed with a few more activities for the day we took off.

We found also Nandos and Pizza Hut in the mall. Then we stood outside the Spur waiting for it to open about 15min after opening time someone came out to find out if we were okay - ARGH - we finally went in. Many people have complained about service in South Africa but I have to say that after a month here and in the UK, the food and banking service in South Africa still come out tops in my book.
We will not discuss how this meal cost. Suffice to say it will not be a regular occurrence.

After the meal we did some window shopping on our way to watch an outdoor theatre performance. Rain threatened to ruin the event but we persevered and the Juggling show was great. Jeandre' was highly amused. The weathered cleared up nicely.

We drove to look at the murals in the Belfast Shankill district.

Weiers finally got his choice of going to the Botanical Gardens but by then Jeandre' had had enough, so we only saw half the gardens.

Ended the day off by going to the very large Toy R Us store where Jeandre' was allowed to choose one toy that was £15 or less.

Photo taken by Jeandre'
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