Monday, August 11, 2008

Walking in Northern Ireland

This weekend I had the priviledge of doing to great walks. One along the Larner promenade (3 mile circular walk, I am not sure we did the entire distance)and the other Slieve Croob (Morne Mountains, 2.4 miles/almost 4km).

We got soaked on our way back down the Slieve Croob path, but the view was worth it. We will probably do that walk again. Unfortuantely I did not take my camera with me. I was not sure that it worked after the fall it had day before avoiding a bee. The LCD screen has not recovered but it still seems to be taking photos. We could see a 360 degree panoramic view over County Down and what we thought was the Galloway coast of Scotland and the Isle of Man - we later confirmed that is was.

Chaine Memorial Tower

Situated at the mouth of Larne Harbour, and reached via Chaine Memorial Road (access off Curran Road via Bay Road), the Chaine Tower is a memorial to James Chaine, a former Member of Parliament for the area and the man who developed Larne's short sea route to Scotland as well as establishing the town as a transatlantic port. The memorial, built in 1888, is a replica of an Irish Round Tower. Read more about the the Town of Larne.

Here are some great photos of various sections along the Mourne Mountains taken by Ryan McD. Click Here to view in Flickr.

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