Friday, August 15, 2008

Post number 600

Sjoe. I have reached a milestone. I wonder how I should celebrate. Write a long reflective post? List my favourite photos or post over the last 599 post? Do a giveaway?

None of those ideas grab right now. So instead let me tell you about what I am up to.

I had an inter with CAB - Citizens Advise Bereau, to be a volunteer. I have to fill in another form and then do a test next week Friday. After that I have to do a one day a week - 12 week training course. Then I have to work at least 6hrs a week.

I am also busy filling out job applications. One is to be a Drama teacher - they offer training - also 6-8 hr a week job, so I could still volunteer. The other is with a community organisation and the contract is only for 6 months. I am also looking at jobs that are totally out of my field of experience eg. waitress, shop assistant etc. So we will see how that will pan out.

Apparently it could take up to 7 months for me to register so that I could teach in a school. I have not started the process. I have registered to be a supply teacher or teacher assistant. I want to take things slowly. get Jeandre' settled into school and get to know the system before I committ to teaching in a classroom.

I would love to work in a community organisation, doing training and other stuff. I really like working in that type of environment in South Africa.

Thats whats on my mind at the moment.
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