Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favourite Spots

For those who regularly read my blog some of these photos may be familiar but some are new.

My Three favourite spots besides the Library is on the couch in front of my lounge window, Nando's in Belfast and at the coffee shop in Walkers.


This is the view from my favourite spot in the house. the couch is comfortable. I enjoying reading, drinking coffee, having time alone and with family and friends from this spot. i enjoy looking outside at the tree, the grass, the houses and the activities in our little road.
it is peaceful.

The second is NANDO'S a South African restaurant - it taste just like home, plays great music and has good service.

I love this coffee shop. I love the cosy furniture, the warm colours, the fact that they cater for children. I love the cappuccinos and scones. I love that they are reasonably priced.

I can sit there alone or with friends and feel like i am at home.
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