Tuesday, May 05, 2009

100 Ways to find inspiration

This is a Swap-bot swap.

I hope to think of new ways for myself and hopefully you will something on the list that could work for you.

Erich Fromm:

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

1. Keep an open minding.
2. Change your surroundings.
3. Read a genre you would not normally read.
4. Listen/read inspiring books like. The Artist Way
5. Go on an Artist Date (even if you don't see yourself as a Artist).
6. Journalling (this is not something I do on a regular basis but it has help me through some tough times and given me inspiration)
7. Expose yourself to a variety of music. One I do this is by doing music e-swaps.
8. Making Collages.
9. Photography - story telling with the camera.
10. Visiting Museums
11. Spending time in the library - whether its just to browse, take out a book or use the internet there.
12. Work in a different spot - if normally work at home - go work in a coffee shop etc...
13. Challenge yourself to learn something - like a language etc. and don't forget to reward yourself.
14. Have a hot and cold shower.
15. Long warm bath and day dream
16. Spend some time alone in nature or in a spot in your home.
17. Visit Artist Way website based on the book - free resources and guidelines.
18. Go for a walk.
19. Drinks lots of water
20. Eat healthy
If you nurture your mind, body and spirit, your time will expand. You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more - Brian Koslow
21. Debate - it stretches your mind
22. Brain Gym® Exercises (Click here for the Illustrated version)
23. Make your own inspirational quote collection to dip into.#
24. have a mini-vacation
25. Spend time with inspiring people
26. Play strategy games like chess or ..........
27. Spend time watching kids play
28. Go to an adventure park
29. Listen to people talking - you will be surprise what that may inspire in you.
30. Brainstorm ideas
31. Mind-mapping is another useful tool.
32. Reading Poetry
33. volunteer
34. Change your routine - like have an unspide down dinner - eat dessert first, them main course and then a starter.
35. Have a travelling dinner either at friends homes or restaurants - 3 or 4 course meal.
36. Watch a comedy
37. Do a labyrinth walk - you can do this online if you don't have one close to you. Find the one that suits you and your spiritual walk of life.
38. Create a mandala.
39. Make a simple craft its amazing how it feels to complete a project it inspires you to do another.
40. I love ticking off or crossing out what I have done on a list - it inspires me and motivates me to continue.
41. detox - physically or technologically (don't use the internet or tv etc. for a day or more)
42. Host a party.
43. Join a book club or start one.
44. Pamper yourself
45. Pamper someone else
46. Wake up earlier and see what happends
47. Watch the sun set
48. Watch the sun rise
49. Donate to charity. 5 Things to Think About When Giving to a Charity Shop
50. Read an autobiography
51. Accept yourself - write a letter of acceptance to yourself or stand in front of the mirror nake and truly accept yourself.
52. Dance in the rain.
53. Have ice-cream in the snow.
54. Give yourself permission to play.
55. Visit an art gallery.
56. Go to theatre.
57. Attend a festival.
58. Be a tourist in your own town/city/county
59. Stay in your pjamas for the whole day
60. Get a new hairstyle
61. Get a new outfit.
62. Have a makeover.
63. Do a room makeover.
64. Join something like Freecycle - go to garage sales or Flea markets.
65. Draw a map.
66. Read a magazine
67. Try a different craft at least once - go to a class and get a friend to help you.
68. Try to make your favourite take-out or restuarant meal meal at home.
69. Make someone else laugh.
70. Smile at and greet strangers.
71. Write a story or a poem.
72. Join a blogging meme or an unusual swap
73. make another list of 100 (LOL)
74. Contact an old friend.
75. Make a new friend.
76. Make a mental picture of what you want to achieve - and think about it regularly
77. Sometimes it’s helpful to walk away from a project or goal or problem you working on. Let it brew in your mind. Then come back to it later. Its wonder some of the things I solve or ideas that come to me in my sleep or while I am doing the most routine of things.
78. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, if someone thinks you’re a little nuts, or don’t have faith in what you can accomplish, then forget about them.
79. One of the things that has always helped me with my goals/problems is talking about them. While I am talking an idea or solution just seems to come to me.
80. Delegate - its especially great if you can delegate certain tasks that really block you from moving forward.
81. Clean up your home office or room - its amzing the stuff you will find - it helps you re-connect with yourself.
82. Try a new product.
83. Research something random on the internet or in the libray.
84. Implement a new habit.
85. Focusing on getting rid of a bad habit
86. "Always think of what you are going to do as easy and it will be" French Psychologist Emile Coue. -It has worked for me.
87. Turn an unpleasant task into a game.
88. If today was your last day on earth - what would you do? - then do it.
89. Practise you using affirmations.
90. Count your blessing - what are you grateful for?
91. Have a girls/boys night out
92. Step into someone elses shoes for a day
93. Interview someone for the fun of it.
94. Answer a survey.
95. Start a blog or a website.
96. Doodle.
97. Watch birds /insects
98. Go on a road trip.
99. Do a puzzle.
100. Do a public talk or lead out in a group activiy (this type of activity inspires you to try something different .......).
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