Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tails: A true experience of being brave

Heads Or Tails

In primary school when the boys would come around with frogs and crabs, i would act brave and hold them. Frogs were not bad but I was really scared of been pinched by a crab. But I realised if you showed that you were not scared they wouldn't bother you.

Every time I have to give a talk. speech, act or preach - its an act of bravery. I was once told by a drama teacher that feeling nervous shows that I still cared about what I was doing and that was a good thing.

I have the bravery to try new things like moving to a new country (Au Paired in USA and am now in Northern Ireland), going on a mission trip to Malawi etc.

I was brave when I went for my drivers license for the third time and I will have to find the strength to do the test again in one months time.

I have been brave to face people that are older than me, in higher positions and threaten to hurt me - I did not not back down and stood my ground.

Remembering those times gives me the courage to pick myself up again and to push myself further. If I could do it then, then there is no reason why I cannot do it now.

Bravery to me a state of mind, its a choice I make. Not always an easy one.
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