Saturday, May 16, 2009

100 Words Swap

The mission is to write 100 words on anything, in just about any form so i go:

To maximise
and minimise
To create
and Expand
To dream
and to venture out
The known and the unknown (18)

To simplify
and strip
To complex
and intricate
To sublime
and rich
To enjoy without guilt
To engage and immerse yourself in (22)

To plan
and evolve
To see
and hear
To touch
and tasted
To experience fully
The wonder of life (19)

To believe
and discover
To love
and treasure
To mask
and to expose
To go deeper, to reach further
Define and yet not confine (24)

To days gone by
To days to come
To today
recapture, surrender, and celebrate
To life (17) [100]


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