Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Summer Romance


(true story)

My brother so irritates me. He just goes with the flow. Maybe if was putting as much effort as I was in the youth programs it would be different. My mother says I am getting too old to sulk - I will be 16 soon. ARGHHHHH

OMG, I have just seen the boy of my dreams, okay he does not have blue eyes but oh- I could just scream. I have to meet him.

Eugene is refusing to go with me. I will just have to introduce myself.

His name is Jeremy Duncan and his going to be at the youth camp at the end of the year. Said he hopes to see me there.

I was planning to go to the camp but now I am definitely going. Got to find a way to make money.

6months later - the bus broke down 3 times it took us a day and half.

I got off the bus and saw Jeremy he greeted me by name. Can you believe !! 6 months - we met once and he remembers my name.

3 Days later - Jeremy has not said a word to me, we have chosen different activities. tonight his friends said he wanted to talk to but he was shaking his head. Its his loss.

Thursday - his sitting next to a cute girl from Cape Town. Also heard Cape Town girls are fast. I am so mad.

Friday - played soccer with the guys, Jeremy was playing too. His so good. His just built for the game.

Friday night- I was asked to pray in front of over 300 youth and our guest speaker from the USA. I accidentally sniffed over the microphone , it sounded like such a loud snort, I was so embarrassed I continued to pray until I felt i could finally open my eyes 9so much for praying short in public like my mom taught me).
Jeremy and i held eye contact - it was so intense - i have never experienced anything like it before or since.

Jeremy is motioning for me to come out to him, I am telling him to come in. Finally I go out to him. He asks if I want to go for a walk.

Oh man, his so easy to talk to, we walk and talk for what felt like a life time. There is full moon out. It does not get any better than this. Why isn't he kissing me?

finally the tug o war in my mind draws to end and i share with my favourite poem Love's Philospophy whish ends with the line .....what are all these kisses worth if thou kiss not me.
He doesn't make a move. i ask hime, "Would you like to kiss me?" and he answers, "very much so"

The next two days were bliss.

When he got back to the island he made up with his girlfriend and few months later I started dating again.

We continued to write to each for 5 years and he just stopped.

The last I heard is that he married the same girl and moved to England.
When Weiers proposed to me I was so happy I wanted to share that news with Jeremy - I sent an e-mail to someone I knew on the island. Didn't hear from him.
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