Tuesday, February 03, 2009

e-scavenger hunt

  1. A site you find useful: Google , Wikipedia (A free encyclopedia with millions of articles contributed collaboratively using Wiki software, in dozens of languages) and http://www.ehow.com/ ( How To Do Just About Everything),

  2. A site that's funny: Comedy Zone

  3. A favorite video clip: I don't really have a favourite video - but two adverts do come to mind.

  4. A favorite place to shop (or a favorite place where you wish you could shop if you had a bazillion dollars): amazon (almost anything - electronics; books and toys) , lovefilm (movies) and Mariosta (clothes)

  5. A link to something beautiful- can be poetry, pictures, anything: Artful Life http://www.artfullife.ca, Abbey of the Arts and My Pen My Pain

  6. A blast from the past (hamster dance, anyone?)- any site you used to frequent but no longer do: http://www.escapefromcubiclenation.com/ and http://www.sparkpeople.com/

  7. A link that tells something about you- this can be your personal blog, etsy store, deviantart site, etc, or a site that has to do with one of your interests:http://simonesbutterfly.synthasite.com and 4 DAY WIN blog

  8. A "how-to" link, this can be to a craft project, recipe, etc.: Visual Recipes, about.com

  9. A link to a favorite game- this can be to an online game, or to the instructions for playing an offline game: Word Twist and Scramble World Wide (excludes USA and Canada) on Facebook.

  10. A link that, after reading their profile, you think your partner would find particularly interesting: Learn how to knit video , Some cool Knitting patterns from the DIY network, Envelope for Artist Trading Cards (3.75 x 2.5) or Credit-Card-Sized Gift Cards, http://digifree.blogspot.com/ ,ATC's - Exploring Art In Minature (loads of different techniquies), http://www.heritagescrapbooks.com/,

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