Monday, February 23, 2009

My Favorite Blogs Swap

Here are some of the blogs I enjoy reading:

Weight loss & Health:

1. Fertile healthy (
I met her through the Healthy You challenge. I love the way she expresses herself and the encouragement and care she gives in her comments. Her blog post are very informative.

2. Claudelle's Weightloss Challenge (
Claudelle is one of my best friends. Her blog is fairly new. She is inspiring me to get back on track with my weightloss program. I am really proud of the progress she is making.

3. Scale Junkie and the Healthy Challenge You (
She host the HYC , she is an inspiration and great encourager. She writes honestly.

Inspirational Blogs:

1. Artful Life (

"share bits of my life and document my attempts at living an artul life. I am trying to reconnect with my creative spirit after a long absence."

I absolutely love her photography. I get e-mails of her latest blog post. They truly resonant with me.

2. Abbey of the Hearts (
I don't read this blog everyday but whenever I feel the need to be soulful or introspective. The poetry, photography and writings are very meaningful. It is also quite different to my normal religious "food".

3. Lite Mind ( Explore ways to use our minds efficiently.
The blog has inspire my 100 list swaps, blog and group on Swap-bot. Very interesting topics.

Photo take by Claudelle's Photography (

1. Elise's Simply Recipes (
"The first thing you should know is that Simply Recipes is a blog or a personal website, created and maintained by me, Elise Bauer. Unlike most of the large recipe sites that you might find on the Internet with tens of thousands of recipes, Simply Recipes is my personal website, with only a few hundred recipes, all tested by me, my family or my friends...."

2. Laaloosh (
She shares wonderful Weight Watcher recipes with their points.
I am not on WW but I find the recipes useful. the desserts are just delicious.

3. Start Cooking (
I discovered the blog recently. I have been trying to improve my cooking skills and atempting new recipes. I love the step by step picture instructions.
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