Monday, February 16, 2009


February 2009
Submitted by Lady T

I love the idea of taking something OLD and turning into something NEW. And have been
fighting with myself to USE recyclable shopping bags. I have them in my car but forget to
take them in until I get there, so hence my Eco-Craft Idea: Pillowcase Bag

It seems like most stores, whether they are big-box or local grocery stores, offer their own
brand of reusable bags which is wonderful. But if you have some leftover pillowcases in
your linen closet you can easily re-purpose them into your own reusable bag. In eight
simple steps, you can make a pillowcase bag.

Here's what you will need for this eco-craft idea: scissors, needle, thread, a flat-surface,
and pillowcase -- a sewing machine isn't necessary for such a small project but if you have
one I am sure it would be useful. You can always embellish the bag with a message or
other doo-dads and really make it your own

1. With pillowcase inside out, stitch the open end closed.
2. Cut off bottom third of case (which will be your strap).
3. From the strap, cut off 1/2 inch of one side and the bottom and discard.
4. Holding the open side of the bag, fold over the fabric 4 inches, making sure to turn under
the raw (or cut) edge. Press and hem (be careful not to stitch through or you will seal the
bag closed).

5. With two hands, hold the bag on both sides, pull out, and lay flat. (You will have a
triangle on each side.)
6. Sew along the base of each triangle (about 3 inches below the corner).
7. Grab the strap piece. Unfold it with the seam facing out, so you have one long strip.
Fold over the top and bottom edges about an inch and press. Fold the top and bottom
edges again so they meet in the center and press. Stitch each side down the center.

8. To connect the strap to the bag, fold under the raw edges of the strap 1/4 inch.
Match one edge of the strap to the seam of the bag and stitch in a square. Sew other
end of strap to the bag the same way. Turn the bag inside out and enjoy!
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