Thursday, February 26, 2009

My home

My home
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We are renting this house in Northern Ireland. I like that there is not too much lawn, in the back there is wnough space to play.

Its a bit bigger than I expected, though the bedrooms are very small.

Got 4 bedrooms upstairs. We use one for a study, one for my daughter, a small guest bedroom with a double bed and the main bedroom. No space for dressing tables or exercising.

The lounge has a lovely Gas fireplace.

The kitchen is open plan including the dinning area which is the second photo above.

It has a small conservatory which brings in lovely sun in the Summer - when its not raining. At the moment we just use it to hang washing but we would love to turn it into a reading room with some nice comfy couches - hope we can get some through Freecycle.

We have been living here now for 8 months26 Feb 2009
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