Saturday, February 09, 2008

Virtual Book Tour

I will be one of the host for a virtual book tour.

"A virtual book tour works the same way as a real-life book tour however, instead of stopping by actual bookstores, gift stores and the like, we are touring the virtual world and stopping by blogs, websites, online stores and radio shows. The virtual book tour enables us to travel the world, three times over without needing a passport or a packed suitcase.

We hope to be touring the world many times over through out 2008 and beyond.

With magical love and light,
Tara and Nicole"

The book is entitled Journal for the Modern Goddess. The purpose of the journal is for women to uncover the /beautiful/, /unique/ /and powerful Goddess/ that they really are.

Its uniqueness is not only in the beautiful imagery of the journal or the specifically tailored sections for self empowerment through guided self-study, but in the companion guided meditation CD that takes each journals owner on a magical journey to find their own personal power.

1. Simone's Butterfly - Tour Date: 20th February:

Guest Post by Nicole.

2. 4 Day Win - Tour Date: 28th February:Affirmation Movie that focuses on positive weight loss

3. Simone's Butterfly Website - Tour Date: 5th March: Interview

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Find out about the competition click here.
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