Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WW# 9

I like the idea of following my weighloss in pounds instead of kgs. I suddenly realised that over the last two months the kgs I lost amount to 10 pounds. That sounds so much more!

Starting weight 107.7kg (237.4pds), Waist 116cm (46inches)
Down 0.5kg(1.1pd) - to 103kg (227pds) and waist 112.5 cm(44.3inches)


BMI ? BMI Calcultor
BMI is a really good indicator of your health risks but not the best tool for your goal weight, as it ignores bone density and muscle content.
Together with my dietician we established that my goal weight should be 65kg about 7-10kg more than my recommended BMI weight. My husbands goal weight is 20-25kg more than his recommended BMI weight.


If you don't have time to exercise fidget a lot. I first read about this in 4 Day Win (Edging into Exercise). Martha recommends that you divide exercise into 4 Workout categories:
A: All Out effort
B: Slow Burn
C: Strolling About
D: Augmented Fidgeting

"Each day for the next 4 days, I'll observed and record my favourite ways to fidget, stroll about, do mild formal exercise, and go physically all out." from Choose New Moves 4-Day Win.

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