Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rockin Award !

WOW - Thanks Whenn from Opinion Minions for the award. I am wondering who started it?

This is what Whenn said:

"Simone is my fellow South African blogger. Her blog is a true inspiration and reflection of her faith and kindness. Besides participating in a lot of memes, like Wordless Wednesday, Simone also takes us along on her journey of self improvement, and she's doing a rockin' job of getting there! :)"

Thanks Whenn and right back at you.

Now the award goes too...................

1. Nicole the modern Goddess,very inspiring. Nicole's aim is to empower women, I feel she is really doing a great 'job'.

2. Amy's Random Thoughts, I met through Amy's WW and then she hosted a Blogger's scavenger hunt. I got to know her and her husband(Valtool's Box) even better. Down-to-earth, fun and very interesting blogger.

3. Addies' Random Thoughts,fellow South African blogger that I met through Whenn and Wordless Wednesday's. I really enjoy her well written posts, really funny pictures/cartoons and memes.

4. Ruth's Place,Ruth is one of the few bloggers' who was my friend before she became part of my RSS feed. She has a great way of expressing herself, talented crafter, she has a way of inspiring people to think and do more and she makes me laugh.

5. Dalyla My Pen and My Pain,this is my favourite poetry blog, her poetry speaks volumes and expresses emotions and feelings in a very provocative manner. Dalyla you rock!


6. Claudelle Brothers Wishlist, she is one of my best friends so needless to say I am biased! What like most ablout Claudelle's blog is that she varies her style of writing and has great photographs.

I hope that these five recipients can pass this along to six other Rockin' Girl Bloggers but if not, sit back and bask in the glow of being a rock star in my book because you all are!
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