Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lost and Found

I could not find my camera. In the process of looking for it I found a book (I need your love - is that true? by Byron Katie) I misplaced a few months ago. I finally did find my camera as well!

In the process of finding my stuff, I also found my perspective.

Here is quote from the book:

" Noticing and counting the beautiful reasons unexpected things happen for us ends the mystery. If you miss the real reasons, the benevolent reason that coincide with kind nature, then count on depression to let you know that you missed them. Anger, frustration, and aggressive reasons can always be imagined-and what for? People who aren't interested in seeing why everything is good get to be right. But that apparent tightness comes with disgruntlement, and often depression and separation. Depression can feel serious. So "counting the genuine ways that this unexpected event happened for me, rather than to me" isn't a game. It's an exercise on observing the nature of life. It's a way of putting yourself back into reality, into the kindness of the nature of things."

This idea of becoming an observer or "watcher" - not judging yourself, just become aware, seems like it can be a very useful tool for getting know myself and being able to make positive changes in my life.

I have lost and found myself.
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