Monday, June 18, 2007

Going back to College

I do believe in life-long learning. But by now I was hoping that I would be in full control of my own learning. I foolishly agreed to teach a subject this year that is proving to be a lot of work!
CAT - Computer Application Technology.

The first term was fun - I knew the work and the short cuts (microsoft word and powerpoint). The second term was slightly more difficult but still not tooooo bad (excel) - now next term is going to be the real challenge. First I have to get a positive attitude and then I need to get the knowledge. DATABASE .

I am entitled one free course at Helderberg College because my husband works for them. I just sent an e-mail off to find out if they will teaching Database in the second semester and if I am lucky , most of the classes may be in the afternoon. In the meantime, this holiday it will be me and the textbook!

Next year I would like to study my Honours in Education (Part-time - 2 years). One of dreams it to have a doctorate in Education. I am interested in studying how learners learn.
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