Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Menstrual Cycle Problems

Its funny that almost exactly a year ago I wrote a number of post on a similar problem. Last it seems I definitely got a virus and had menstrual problems.

This time it seems it is sinusitis and menstrual problems. I have to the gynecologist and he has put me onto a program of 10mg of provera for 3 weeks. But half through the treatment I blood flow has increased and I am now experience pain that I did not experience before. Cramps which come and go. The worse is the constant back pain. Walking, stretching, massaging etc. have not helped.
I have tried getting the gynae on the phone no luck.

After desperation I went back to chemist and they gave a anti-inflammatory Ponstel and Scopex for the cramping. I don't think I would have made it through work today without that.

I came home and I just could not function. I finally went to bed a 4pm and I got up now at 1am. Hoping my husband and daughter managed to do homework and eat properly. I know she woke me up st some stage to show me her painted face and to give me a kiss.

I know that I have a lot of small cysts in my womb and that is causing me to bleed weeks and weeks. Blood work test came back normal. So apparently its just my brain not sending the right message to my ovaries - so I skip 2 months then bleed for 7-8 weeks afterwards. This time is going onto 10 weeks (it stopped for 5 days when I started the Provera). The gynae also said that this problem will increase my chances for Cervical Cancer.

You may be wondering why blog about this. I never experienced problems with my cycle before. I would love to here from other women who have a similar experience and I know when I did a search last year to get more info I did not find as much I wanted to. I don't have any answers but at least other women can know they are not alone in dealing with similar problems.
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