Sunday, August 31, 2014

How can you help?

I think this is a very useful quiz it helped me think about how I would like to be supported and how I could support others.

Tomorrow is my Slimming World meeting. Its great to get support from the consultant and other members but its really at home and at the church potlucks for where i need support.

Day 9 of 100days of Weigtloss

In the quiz below, pick out the answers that fit best for you. If the answers don’t exactly
work for you, come up with some different ones that match your needs.

I have put my answers in bold and italics.........

1. If you see me eating something that’s not on my diet plan
___ Ask me, “Should you be eating that?
___ Ignore it entirely
___ Ask me if I’ve had a bad day
___ Give me a hug

In fact my friend Lorraine did this few weeks ago I was half way through eating a second piece of Baileys Cheesecake after trying really hard to ignore it and she took it out of hand. Thank you Love I needed that.

2. When I’m making progress, such as losing weight
___ Compliment me on how I look
___ Praise me in front of others
___ Never comment on my progress in front of others
___ Give me non-food gifts or rewards

3. When I’m struggling or gaining weight
___ Tell me you notice and really care about my struggle
___ Ignore it entirely
___ Hug me and show me extra affection
___ Ask me how you can help

4. When I’m making progress you can’t see (such as improving my self-esteem)
___ Ask me how my efforts are going
___ Compliment me on how I look
___ Ignore my efforts and my changes
___ Give me non-food gifts or rewards

5. When I’ve maintained my weight (even though I may still want to lose more)
___ Tell me you are proud of my current efforts
___ Ignore the subject entirely
___ Ask me if I’m struggling or feeling discouraged
___ Compliment me on my looks and my efforts

• Complete this quiz, and then read your answers out loud to one of your support people such as your spouse or a good friend.
• Post your answers on your refrigerator or in some other location where your support people can be reminded of what you want.
• Write the most important answers below. Add any other answers or requeststhat fit your needs. Be sure to read these to your support people as well.
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