Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 4 of 100 Days of Weighloss

At the begining of the is challenge/ stated that i should list 10 reasons why I want ot lose weight and then put them up where I can see help motivate me when I feel like giving in or giving up.........

This reminded of the time I did lists of 100........I don't like to think that what I right done is necessarily the most important....but here I go:

1. To be healthy
2. Not get diabetes 2
3. Buy clothes in any store I like (not forced to buy online...)
4. Be able to wear the style of clothes i enjoy not florals !
5. Be able to go on walks with my family
6. Lesson the pain in my ankles and feet
7. Not have to ask for an extra belt on the airplane
8. Do walking tours without too much hassel/heavy breathing/pain
9. Sleep better
10. Look great
11. Get into scuba type suit for snorkling and the like
12. Be a good example to my daughter
13. live longer
14. Finally be able to say that years ago I had a list of ten things I wanted to do and now I have done all 10! (instead of 9 out of 10)
15. Have more energy
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