Thursday, August 28, 2014

Days 5,6 and 7 of 100 days of Weightloss Challenge

Update on my weightloss....Monday's are my weigh-in at Slimming World I lost 2.5lbs/1.1kg.

Some interesting concepts shared in the book that I definitely will be using. I think with Slimming world I have already being exploring the idea of following a Narrower or Wider road. I am still on the road to weightloss even though I have intially chose the wider road and now I ready to make my boundaries narrower by switching from the Easy Plan to Green Plan. ALong the way I amanged to get my family motivated to join me and they becoming great encouragers.

Keen to see if the magic note idea will help me with my food temptations/cravings:
When a food thought crosses your mind, remind yourself that you don’t have to act on it. Instead,
write down the name or even a description of the food, and then anticipate the pleasure
of eating it sometime in the future.

Anytime you feel pressured to eat something, sidestep the food pusher by saying, “Not just yet; I’m going to wait a little while.”

I think the most important lesson I have learned over the last few days is not just to be interested in my weightloss but to be committed as Lisa Nichols says NO MATTER WHAT .......

Day 7

i can do it

I can do it

I Can Do It



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