Thursday, October 11, 2007

Giving up coffee?

I have romantic attachment to coffee. Grew up being told that caffeine was a big no-no. Coffee and coke were off limits. We had beverage 'cereal' drinks, milo, rooibos tea and 'English" tea. At some stage de-caf crept into the cupboards. Don't remember when I had my first coke. Had my first cup of 'real' instant coffee on farm just outside of Ixopo, 14 years old.

Reading books, watching movies and my imagination all turned coffee into this substance that I associated with intelligence, high-culture, socialising, fun, poetry and Europe (specifically France and Italy for some reason).

There something about the taste and smell of coffee

There something about the taste and smell of coffee
That transports me to another world
Sitting in my office I drink Stacey's filter coffee and
I'm back in America sitting in Eric's jeep outside of just
Dunkin Doughnuts
Or Starbucks with Elaine and Micky

Drinking Irish cream coffee at Milkylane and
I'm back in America at home in my room
Or at "My Father's Place" shooting pool
Driving to Seven Eleven or the corner store
Trying to decide do I want Irish Cream or French Vanilla
And when I get there I say bugger the budget and get
Both plus a packet of big chips on special for 99c * Pleasure

Ah the fine association and memories and but slowly
I am getting addicted * but whether its decaf or caf
It doesn't matter it's the smell and taste of coffee

Now I home in South Africa and I admit
That I am now addicted to coffee in totality
It's the romantic atmosphere of the Shop
The intellectual experience of the conversation
The solitary moment with a book
Excitement of a relationship
Socialisation with friends
The extra motivation when working
Fills in for the boredom and avoidance of food

There is just something about the smell and taste of coffee**

After seeing a dietician a few years ago I decided to cut down to 2 cups a day. I rarely drink more. I have given it up twice (once just show that I could and for over a year during pregnancy and breastfeeding period) and I stopped a few times for detox purposes. I decided that there are few things I do wrong, why give up coffee. Don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, don't over do red meat etc... In fact I even read studies that have shown that coffee in moderation does have some health benefits. More benefits. New Health Food.

Well the cons of coffee are starting to out weight the pros and I find myself at a cross roads. Do I give up a drink that has become a comforting habit or do I give it up and potentially receive some good health benefits.

The two main reasons leading to these crossroads is the constant fatigue, it may be feeding a bacteria in my body making me feel ill (this is still sketchy and needs to be proved by my doctor - he reckons I should make some drastic dietary changes anyway) and the fact that it may inhibit weightloss.

Thus far I have believed that I don't drink enough coffee to be concerned that it is a problem. But now I wonder.........

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Final analysis from

I am still in limbo.
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