Friday, January 12, 2007

Journey of the Soul

Next a new stage of my life begins. I have been contemplating past, present and future events and their effect on me. My life choices and my energy levels.

I have always believed that growth and happiness comes from within me. I have wondered why I seem to choose the negative, sad point-view especially in the year past. Yes some of the things that happened were totally out of my control and terrible. But if i choose my reaction to these events why do I hold on to the sadness and anger of my intial reaction and seem unable to move on. I realised that I am scared. Sadness and anger have become so familar to me that I could not let them go. To let them go would almost be like letting those who caused it off the hook. They would not change, they would not learn their lesson.

But the point of these experiences are for me to change, to learn a lesson, to grow from it and move on in joy. I cannot control them - I could not stop them from creating hurtful and unethical situations - how could I make them see their wrong and change it? I was naive to think that I could help them.

The best way I can help anyone is to be true to myself, to learn my lesson and exprience life and joy to the fullest.

God help me to remember this and to stay on this path.

Sadly, a caterpillar sat beside a cocoon. It was crying.
After a while, a beautiful butterfly rose out of the cocoon and unfolded his colorful wings. He saw the caterpillar and asked him: “why do you weep, my friend?”
The caterpillar said: “My best friend died in this cocoon, why should I not weep and be sad?”
The butterfly turned around and showed him his beautiful open wings and said: “My friend, I didn’t die, I live again and look at how beautiful I’ve become.

But the caterpillar didn’t understand the transformation that had taken place and sadly went his way.
The caterpillar was so happy to know that one day he will also turn into a beautiful butterfly!

You have the choice to decide which ending you prefer in this little story – or in your life!
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