Monday, January 08, 2007

25 Things for Charity

For those who regularly read my blog, you are aware that I joined 25 Things for Charity.

My challenge has been to find a charity in the Somerset West area that would be able to use
what I can make. My idea has basically been to make cookies and Baby Blankets.

Well my search is over. Today Weiers and I visited Emily's soup kitchen and Pearl's soup kitchen in Sir Lowry's Pass. Emily caters for 0-6 year olds in the area and Pearl caters for the
Primary School.
Emily will be able to give out the blankets and Pearl can give out biscuit treats with her food at the school.

So I am thinking of making 300 biscuit packages for Valentines Day - wonder if I can do that?

The BIG Knit project with Ruth's help cater for blankets before Winter.

Thats the dream..... now I am must planning to ensure that it can become a reality.
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