Thursday, November 02, 2006

Living Life to the Fullest

A week ago I was chatting to a few learners about how to study etc....
While sharing my experience with them I suddenly realised that I had
accomplished quite a lot of the personal goals and dreams I set for myself.

A few examples:

As a little girl I told my friends I would marry a blue eyed boy that cooks.
I have (this one dream I did not pursue intently but it did come true)
I am a teacher in a church school.
I have worked in the mission field outside of South Africa
I have travelled overseas.
Every year I have tried at least one new thing like Bellydance, Orienteering etc.

I have been tempted to just begin another list of things to do. Which
is a lot of fun and has its place. In fact I have already starting making
a list of books and movies I want to watch. Weiers and I are working on a
wish list for our family.

What do I really want to accomplish? I have always said that i want to live life to the fullest.
Am I?
I feel i lost way a little for a while.

Now I am on the path again and I believe I will begin to experience my dram/goal - to live to the fullest.
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