Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My yellow Story

Growing up, we looked forward to Christmas, not just our presents but our Christmas outfit for church. That would become our main church clothes for the following year. One Christmas I got a yellow dress, with yellow sandals, yellow hairbands and a yellow bag. I loved the bag. By the end of the following year I had had enough of yellow for years to come. I can gladly say that I have made peace with the colour yellow and have to yellow tops in my wardrobe.

Wearing Yellow - Cheerful and Happy

Yellow is the perfect color to wear whenever your spirits needs an uplift.

Yellow carries the same healing qualities associated with the sun. It offers warmth, optimism, and light. All shades of yellows and golds will cheer you up and help make you feel happier. Wearing yellow out into the world makes an affirmation statement. For certain, yellow is a perky color!

Realize no single color is entirely "off-limits" due to your coloring. It often depends on the hue, color make-up and so on of the garment. You might look horrible in a mustard but radiant in a pastel yellow, for instance.

Psychology Yellow
It is associated with the intellectual side of the mind, and the expression of thoughts. It therefore aids the powers of discernment and dis-crimination, memory and clear thinking, decision making and good judgment. It also helps good organization, assimilation of new ideas, and the ability to see different points of view. It builds self-confidence and encourages an optimistic attitude. Conversely, dull yellow can be the colour of fear

How to use yellow in colour therapy
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