Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Time Memory

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TAILS: An actual spring time memory

Its has been one of my dreams to visit the Western Cape to see the World renown wild flowers. the first year we lived in Cape Town we missed it. The flowers generally bloom between August and September but their splendour depends on when it rains. the following here we decided to just book a camp site and hope for the best. But the rain came early and we just caught the tail end of the season.
Well we were third time lucky - during the third year we just made it a priority and didn't let work and other thinks distract us from our goal.
We spent a beautiful day in the West Coast Nature reserve. Started off at the coffee shop and then explore various areas, picnicked on rock over looking the sea and watching whales. We continued our drive stopping at various points.
It was one of my best spring days.

Coffee Shop fountain

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