Monday, March 09, 2009

Before and After

This swap was about choosing an area in the your home that you have been meaning to re-organise or re-decorate.

I chose my study.


Packed uneccesary books in boxes and put into the garage - belong to owner of the house.
Packed away clothes.
Moved Jeandre's art to a specific shelf and created an area on my desk for her to share with me.
Moved table into her bedroom.


Jeandre's books



Have the stationary that Jeandre and I always need to do her homework, swaps and ........
One of the tips from How to organise your home Office from Expert Village.

Organised my electric bits and pieces by putting into zip bags to protect them and I can easily see them. Used some extra organza bags I had for paper clips and other small items to pack
into the top "stationary" draw that my husband and I share.

This is the overthrow I am knitting for my couch in the lounge.

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