Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Time of the Year

TAILS - "This Time Of Year"
Tell what you do or don't like about this time of year.

Family time and good food
Getting presents with no pressure attached
Giving presents (especially when I know I have not overspent and given something the kids will enjoy) - Our family has agreed to not do adult presents - we play a game where we all buy one gift for a particular amount and each receive one.
My two best friends Denise and Claire - we roll Birthday and Christmas gifts in one and depending on how we are doing financially we sometimes club together and try to give each other something really meaningful. What I like most is that the pressure to try meet the cost of the gift is not there. And we give this gift at the time in the year that is most convient for us.
Last year Claire paid for plane ticket for me to visit her and Denise in Johannesburg - knowing that Denise was moving to New Zealand and I was moving to Northern Ireland.

Disharmony amongst some church members about how celebrate Christmas.
(It happens almost every year not matter where I live - South Africa, USA and Northern Ireland)
Hearing the same songs over and over again especially Boney M (though I must admit that some years it makes me feel nostalgic)
The pressure of giving presents and cards. Especially when I am not in a financial position to return the gesture.
Getting caught up in wasting money.
The "Christmas Rush" .
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