Monday, December 22, 2008

My World in Pictures

This is the first place I had coffee and a sandwich when I arrived in Northern Ireland.
I still enjoying stopping in there some days for coffee while wait for the CAB (Citizen Advice Bureau) to open - I volunteer there 1-2 day a week.

This the view from my favourite seat in the lounge. I enjoy having a snack, drinking coffee and reading a book.

Street performers in the Belfast during Summer 2008
I love theatre and cultural events

my mom, daughter and me
This was the last holiday my mom had with us before we moved from
South Africa to Northern Ireland
This is a demonstration at our school picnic.
I did this - its a great workout and you
don't feel dizzy at all.

My on going battle with my weight (kg)
My husband and daughter
on his GOMOTO
Photo taken by Claudel at Helderberg College

Knitting and braaing - YAY
My friend Ruth and I knitting at Claudel's home.

One of the last photo shoots and outings with Claudel.
This is Claudel and her youngest son Caydon

Family project - Weiers, Jeandre and I worked on this.
Unfortunately we did not get it framed and left it in South Africa.

My Wedding day
It was a bilingual service English and Afrikaans

My favourite books
All female authors

Weiers and I were engaged and attending some else's wedding.

Me, Robert and Lisa
We slept over after his 21st birthday party
Robert is now a well known performer and organiser in the Durban Cultural circles

The next 3 collages are of me before I got married

My closes friends in primary school - Ferndale (Newlands East - Durban- South Africa)
Standard 4

Me at a baby and as a flower at my older sister's wedding
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